Every treatment is unique

We understand that no case is the same. Over the years, Smilelign has been used to treat a variety of alignment issues – from the very simple through to the complex. Effective on Class I, Class II and Class III malocclusions, Smilelign can help you give your patients the smile they have always desired.


Crowding is commonly identified by the overlapping or twisting of teeth. Cases with 3mm of crowding are easy to treat. Cases up to 6mm will require IPR to conclude treatment.


Spacing is identified by larger than average gaps between teeth. Cases with 3mm of spacing are suitable. Up to 6mm may require some restorative additions or leave residual spaces as part of the plan.


Overjet is when the upper teeth protrude further than the lower teeth. Overjets up to 2mm should be simple to treat. Up to 4mm becomes more difficult and a compromise of a small overjet may be required.


An overbite is when your upper teeth overlap your lower front teeth. Up to 1mm can be rectified, up to 3mm increases complexity. Cases with 3mm+ may require bite opening appliances first.

Open Bite

If upper and lower teeth do not come into contact when the mouth is closed, this is an open bite. Open bites are difficult to treat and are not recommended unless only small closures of 0.5mm per arch are required.

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